Brahmin Left vs Merchant Rigth: Rising Inequality & the Changing Structure of Political Conflict Figures and tables

Septiembre de 2018


• Key question: whyhasn’tdemocracyslowedrisinginequality?
• Weobserve risinginequalityin mostworld regionssince1980
• One couldhave expectedrisingpoliticaldemandfor redistribution
• So whydo weseemore xenophobicpopulismand identity-based politics
(Brexit, Trump, Le Pen, Modi, AfD, etc.), ratherthanmore class-based
(income-basedand wealth-based) politics?
• Wastheresomethingunique about 1950-1980 egalitarianperiod?
Whydidithappenand whydiditend? Will ithappenagain?
• Do weneedextremecircumstances(wars, crisis, revolutions, etc.) to
producethe kindof Social-Democratic/New-Deal politicalcoalitions whichledto
the reductionof inequalityduring1950-1980 period?
• Politicsdrive inequalitytrends (bothdownturnsand upturns). So weneed to
better understand political attitudes on inequality.

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