Gender equality and youth: the opportunities and risks of digitalisation


Octubre de 2018.


In the EU, young women and men have equal digital skills and access to the internet,
but their behaviour online differs. Nine out of ten young women (92 %) and men
(93 %) use the internet daily. This generation, aged from 15 to 24, is the most digitally
skilled in the EU, with 56 % of young women and 58 % of men holding above-average
digital skills.

Despite the same access and skills, young men have more confidence in their digital
skills than women. For example, 73 % of young men aged 15-16 feel comfortable
installing software by themselves, compared with 49 % of women.

Music, emailing and social networking are equally popularonline activities for both young
women and men, but, for some other activities, big differences emerge. For example,
67 % of young men play video games, compared with 45 % of women, and 59 % of young
women look for health information online, while only 44 % of men do.

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