The  paradox  of  the  female  participation  in  fundamentalist  movements


University of Turin, 15 de marzo de 2014.


1. Introduction

A crucial event of the contemporary era has been the global wave of religious resurgence begun in the 1970s (defined by Gilles Kepell as “the revenge of God” (Kepell 1991),in which the rise of religious fundamentalism throughout the world has played a major role. This latter has been widely portrayed in literature: as a reaction to the marginalization of religion in society, as a feature of an alleged clash of civilizations, as an effect of globalization, as a phenomenon of totalitarianism, and in several other, different ways. However, scholars dealing with religious fundamentalism from a “mainstream” social science perspective (that is, outside the field of gender studies) have rarely and scarcely investigated the impact of the phenomenon on gender relations and roles. Indeed, this subject is often utterly neglected even in long and detailed works (Ozzano 2009).

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