The Dissolution of Marxist Humanism


Noviembre de 2018.


Given that it is now a half-century since the iconic year 1968, a reflection on the philosophical situation of that time, and our distance from it, seems in order. Though 1968 is no longer simply a year but a name for what is known as “the Sixties,” a time whose myth still survives in our cultural history. Philosophy in that time was part and parcel of the international phenomenon of the Sixties
in which decolonization, the New Left, youth politics, the fight against institutional racism, women’s liberation, anti-war activism, cultural radicalism, and many more strands were woven together. Nevertheless, one experiences and investigates from a certain point of view and I might as well begin by admitting that my perspective is primarily Anglophone and Canadian—even though it is a perspective on a world phenomenon.

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